Never underestimate the power of a determined friend, in this case, one Jill Purinton.

Not to mention the power of a geeky encounter.

I attended the annual meeting of Romance Writers of America in Anaheim last month. Which meant I got to have fun with my fabulous roommates and talented writers: Christine Merrill, and Katy Cooper, and the aforementioned determined friend, Jill, pictured above.

Another friend, the lovely Kim Ivora, took us on outings to Anaheim, especially to this great place that served breakfast and gelato! What could be better? And my friend Chandra Years played  walking talking Disney app for me and Chris at DisneyLand.

Back to Jill’s being the most determined friend ever…

On the Friday afternoon of the conference, I went to my first publisher signing as an author. Samhain had digital books to sign, meaning they had lovely postcards made with download codes on the back for Phoenix Rising. I started with 100, I left with 15. Woo!

In the middle of this, Jill comes running. She wants me to leave for a second to talk to Janeen Solberg, the manager of the Turn the Page bookstore. For those who don’t know, the Turn the Page Bookstore is one of the best independents in the country. It holds events that draw audiences from all over the country and is owned and operated by Bruce Wilder, the husband of Nora Roberts.

Jill had got it into her head the previous day that I should sign the upcoming GeekMom Book at TTP. At first, I thought she was talking about my fiction self,  which has little cred to appear at TTP, but, yes, my non-fiction self has cred! Whee! So I made a note to have the publisher (Potter Craft) buzz Janeen when I got home.

This did not satisfy Jill.

Hence, when I wouldn’t leave the signing (hey, my first one!), Jill dragged *Janeen* to the signing to talk to me. ::Hearts Jill:: So Janeen was possibly  interested for (I think) the November events, and I promised to get her an ARC ASAP.  Which my publisher sent already and it’s waiting for her when she gets back on vacation. So we’ll see. It would be cool but I know TTP has so many choices and wonderful authors and books available. I’m grateful she will even consider it.

And none of this detracts from Jill dragging people over to talk to me.

When I grow up, I’m totally going to be Jill. Or Wonder Woman. Well, it’s really the same thing.

So, now officially Best. Conference. Ever.

Naturally, it was time to party. RWA National concludes each year with the romance writer’s version of the Oscars, the Golden Heart and Rita Awards. The GH is for unpublished writers and the Rita for published writers. Afterwards, people party. This year, Samhain had a fabulous after-party. Add in tickets for free liquor.  Add in Kim and my friend Michele, who I’ve known from the cherry loops for years, who came as my plus ones, margaritas, a little cognac and…that equaled my boast that one day I’d be known as a single name, like Cher.

To which Kim added jazz hands. ::jazz hands:: Corrina ::jazz hands:

(I think Kim may have had a margarita or two as well. Can’t be sure. 🙂

And Michele added “Tonight…we dance!”

Then we got the entire dance floor to do the train when they played the Locomotion.

So my work there was clearly done.

It was a most excellent week.

I’ve been playing this game based on the Apprentice television show over at the Brian M. Bendis forum on Jinxworld. (For non-comic readers, Bendis is likely Marvel’s more prolific writer. Avengers and all that.)

I’ve never watched the show but the game I’m playing basically consists of writing prompts. Coming up with story arcs, coming up with alternate takes on heroes, plotting out an entire Marvel line reboot and even plotting an entire year of an animated series.

It’s been great for generating ideas and characters, especially with all the plot bunnies. But it also is giving me a taste of what it would be like to write these characters, which is absolutely a blast.

Our last big assignment as a team was to come up with a #1,000 anniversary issue. Either Spider-Man or Action Comics (Superman) or Detective Comics (Batman.)

Naturally, I insisted on Batman. And then I got stuck for what I thought might be a big game changer. After all, sidekicks have all been killed before, Batman’s been defeated before, he’s even been considered dead fairly recently. Can’t really marry him off, he’s Batman and it wouldn’t stick. So then I looked at the villains and thought, well, the #1,000 issue demands the most iconic Bat villain.

The Joker.

So here’s our take on Detective #1,000, which might occur ten years down the line, if DC goes back to the regular number system. (They swapped all numbers back to #1 with the reboot.) This is not solely my own creation, I had the help of Kedd & Gary Sloan from the Bendis board. 🙂

I’ll give you a hint. Something very bad happens to the Joker. Second hint: Batman doesn’t do it to him.

Third hint? Look to the image.

Also, a certain redhead who’s been missing from the Gothamverse for a while makes a re-appearance.

Detective #1,000

Batman started fighting crime in a corrupt system back during the Great Depression, a problem that remains today in places like Detroit, New Orleans, and Camden, New Jersey. Batman still stands for the common person who gets back up off the ground and not only survives but vows to make certain that others never again suffer the same kind of pain. He is the guardian of the night whose quest is endless as no one person can eliminate the horrors of life.

Still, Batman will always try.

Over the years, Batman has trained a number of exceptional young men who have suffered similar losses, gained an ally in a thief whose life taught her that the ‘law’ is often a tool for the unjust, and made perhaps his truest friend in a man who, many times, provides his strongest link to the law.

As Batman: Year One was the parallel story of two men searching to serve justice, one outside the law, one inside the law, Detective #1,000 is meant to be a bookend to Year One, the story of the parallel tracks the actions of Batman and JIm Gordon and where those tracks have taken them.

This issue contains the story that allows the Batman mythos to move into the future with a somewhat altered status quo both for the Batman characters and for the city at large. Along with that, the back-up stories will showcase the best of the characters in Gotham and the work of the creators who’ve had such an impact on them.

Gotham’s Last Laugh

The story opens as Commissioner Jim Gordon and Batman meet on the rooftops of the GCPC in the darkness, as the Bat signal is off. Gordon passes on the information that a number of teenage boys are missing from the foster care system. He knows that Batman and his allies are the only ones who can cut through the bureaucratic system fast enough to prevent another disappearance.
Batman contacts his allies. (more…)

Luminous, superhero romance, Jim Gordon

And with the release of the novella, Luminous, I’m now officially a superhero series writer. 🙂

So far, that makes three books in the Seneca series and two in the Phoenix Institute series. Phoenix is catching up, as I have a third book coming in November.

But today is all about Luminous.

Self-promotion instincts force me to point out that the novella is only $2.49 at Samhain Publishing and $3.01 on Amazon for the Kindle. Go, look, buy. 🙂

Okay, BSP over.

The creation of this story is unique because it was basically the result of a thread on Gail Simone’s forums at the Jinxworld website. I started, “Want to Write a Superhero Story?”, to encourage all the talented people on the forum to put their creative energy to work with the goal in mind to submit a story to Samhain Publishing’s call-out for superhero romance novellas.

I admit, when it came time to submit, I cheated.

I found a way to tie it into the Phoenix series and so I sent it to my regular Samhain editor instead of to the superhero romance anthology. Thankfully, Jennifer Miller liked it enough to buy it and, with the help of her editing, the story turned out great.

Yet the help of those on Gail’s forum was invaluable and I wanted to recognize them. So here’s the dedication:


To the posters of the Want to Write a Superhero Story? thread on the Gail Simone forums at Jinxworld. Thanks for your support and help and for keeping me going. You were an inspiration.

What’s the story about?

Well, there’s an official blurb and excerpt on my books page here (along with links to buy) and more at Samhain but I can tell you the desire to write this mainly came from my desire  to write a Batman-type story. I’m pretty sure DC Comics is about to hand me a chance to do that.(If you’re read my criticism of how DC has handle outreach to the female audience, you probably know why. 🙂  And there’s the fact I still have a lot to learn about comic scripting.

But I can write.

And just as it felt great to start my steampunk story and do a riff on Sherlock Holmes, it felt awesome to be creating my own urban landscape peopled with my own heroes. Noir seemed a perfect name for my heroine, a mysterious figure who is literally invisible and so decided to make dramatic use of black in her wardrobe. I picture her very much in the mold of the Shadow.

Lieutenant Aloysius James was inspired, naturally, by Gotham’s truest cop, Jim Gordon.

You wouldn't want to mess with this guy, would you? Art from http://doubleleaf.deviantart.com/gallery/

Al isn’t the same guy, however, though they both share a need to do the right thing, no matter what. For one, Al’s a lot less eloquent and more alone in the world.

Until Noir shows up and he’s not sure whether she needs to be arrested, helped or protected. He also finds the way she fills out the black leather more than a bit distracting.

Luckily, Al isn’t easily phased by Noir’s invisibility because he’s generally unflappable. It makes their eventual lovemaking a bit challenging but as Al says “who says all men need a visual?”

So I hope you’ll give Luminous a try. I’m very tempted, when I finish the full-length novels in the Phoenix Institute series, to return to their home in Charlton City and set the pair after corrupt cops, mutant bad guys and the occasional ordinary villains who can make life so difficult.

I’m not sure what to call that series yet. Noir doesn’t seem quite right. Crime and Shadows, perhaps.

Note: for those looking for the cast of Phoenix Rising, they’re mentioned at the end of Luminous. And they’ll return in full force in Phoenix Legacy in November.

Luminous, superhero romance, Jim GordonHi!

Been crazy lately.

In the last month:

1. The GeekMom Book was submitted to our editor, hitting the February 1st deadline. Hopefully, publication this winter.

2. I sold Phoenix Legacy, the direct sequel to Phoenix Rising, to Samhain. That will be out in November.  It’s stars Philip, from PR as the hero who’s having a little trouble coping with immortality and a little more trouble coping with the people trying to kill him and someone from his mysterious past.

3. I got the finished pages of my first comic book script. More to come on that in another post but for those who read PR, it’s a four-page story of how Philip rescued Beth from the bad guys when she was a little girl. It has AWESOME art. I will post a page soon.  🙂

4. I finished the final edits on Luminous (see above) an urban crimefighter superhero novella that will be out in May. It’s set tangentially in the Phoenix Institute universe but has all-original characters, including a hero inspired  by the Batman: Year One version of Jim Gordon, my favorite cop.

5. Got the final edits for the *print* version of Phoenix Rising, coming out in October.

That’s just my book publishing life. 🙂

And now that I’m back from dropping the minion off at school, here’s the first page to a four-page comic story called “Promise.” It will be in released in May as part of an all-women issue of The Gathering from Greyhaven Comics. The art is by Cassandra James of Australia, who is absolutely awesome.

Greyhaven comics

When I was writing Phoenix Rising, I often used some famous comic book splash pages for inspiration, especially as my Alec Ramsey’s firestarting abilities start to go completely out of control near the end.

It worked in prose but I couldn’t stop wishing for George Perez or Marshall Rogers to appear in my home and illustrate it. 🙂

Which brings me to the contest. Answer this question in the comments below: what scene from your favorite book would you love to see drawn or illustrated, either in a comic or a poster?

A winner will be announced Monday morning and will be chosen by random number generator.

To set up the sequence:

Alec and the military-style assault team assigned to assist and protect him are chasing terrorists on the Newark docks. Problems arise when the terrorists begin escaping via tugboat. Alec’s trying to stop it with his telekinesis and a wall of fire.


The fire screamed at Alec, rolling into a ball of raging heat, wanting to consume what was in its path, more powerful than any fire he’d handled before. It wanted to incinerate the entire tug, including the bomb. But he had control. This is what he’d trained to do all his life.

He created a wall of fire on the far side of the tug, trying to make it retreat. More shouting. Again, Hans calmed the others down and the boat kept moving. Alec had to let some of the fire spin away, lest it hit the bomb. They’d called his bluff. Shit.

The tug chugged into the harbor, taking it farther from Alec’s range and closer to a big, shadowy shape out on the water. Another ship. No way he’d be able to stop the bigger ship if they loaded the bomb on it. Sweat poured down Alec’s neck and back. His breathing grew quicker, his eyesight blurrier from the smoke of the burning dock.

Hans was the calm one. Get him and the rest would panic. Alec broke off a small ball of fire from the flames above the tug and sent it crashing into Hans’ chest.Hans screamed, stumbled backwards and fell into the water. Steam hissed and was quickly snuffed by a wave.

The tug stopped moving, dead in the water. Yes!

A shadow fell over the tug. Their pickup. The transfer wasn’t at the docks like intelligence said, it would be on the water. Kowalski, who’d berated them for their mission questions, had been wrong. If Daz didn’t go after the CIA fuck, Alec would.Daz yelled out loud. Alec ignored it.

Daz’s voice buzzed in his ear from the radio. Alec tore off his helmet. Tears ran down his face from the smoke. His knees grew weak. The fire almost escaped from him, almost roared into the bomb. Dammit, I can control this. What was wrong with him? He knew better.

He dropped to his knees and pushed the fire back to the tug’s bridge. Another man was yelling now. Alec saw the face illuminated in the firelight and recognized Demeter, the fanatic. He should crisp him too, but if he let the fire go even a little, he’d lose it completely. Hell.

He raised a hand and created a roof of flame over the boat. There! Let them try to move the bomb with that there. He grinned, panic gone, and stood. He blinked and saw the flames around him had grown.They whispered to him, embraced him, until he was weightless, free, just like the fire. Nothing could hurt him, nothing could defeat him, especially not some second-rate terrorist cell.


I ’m busy, Daz.

Alec blinked and finally registered the twenty-foot wall of flames directly around him. The fire he’d created had joined with the flames from the sniper’s body and grown into an inferno. F-Team was trapped between the warehouse and a shipping container and the flames were closing in. They’d be incinerated.

In the distance, a horn sounded, close to the tug. Fuck! Daz yelled his name again, voice more desperate.

Okay, easy. Take control of both fires. He could finish the mission and save F-Team at the same time. Piece of cake.

He spun around and around in the flames encircling him, pushing them upward, away from F-Team, sending them into the sky, where they’d have no fuel and would sputter out on their own. The metal of the crane above twisted and buckled from the intense heat. His throat felt like dust. Heat enclosed him, baking his skin. He shouldn’t have made it so damn hot without realizing it. He knew better. What the hell was wrong with him?

He waved his hand. The flames around him started to sputter out. Good, F-Team was safe. The roof of flames above the tug disappeared.

No, shit, he didn’t mean those flames. He reached out with his TK toward the boat. He felt something fuzzy, like a figurative cotton ball in the air. He had no idea what the hell that was.

An explosion rocked the night air, splitting the tug in half. Alec fell face-forward to the dock. He spat out ashes, cursing. What had happened?The fire around him leapt high again, its flames a vivid blue color. He couldn’t have exploded the bomb on the tug—he’d been careful. So what the hell had done it?

He pushed himself up with his arms, bit his lip and the fire around him stole the air from his lungs and took control of him.He closed his eyes, joined the flames, felt them rise up around him, like he was flying high with it, flying to the water, flying to consume that big ship out there. Who needed control?

This was all he needed.

He could be fire.


Insp Channel have been running The Big Valley, a television western from 1965-69 that holds up extremely well despite it’s age. I wrote a longer story about why you should love the show for Sequential Tart but I’ve been learning new things every day from the show and wanted to list them.

1. Do Not Make the Matriarch Angry.

Victoria Barkley, the matriarch of the clan, is played by Barbara Stanwyck and she’s awesome. But in the episodes I’ve seen, Victoria has been a mean shot with a rifle (her body count must be in the double digits at least), driven a rig cross-country to deliver medical supplies to the Indian reservation, protected a group of women being pursued by bad guys, took down two murderers chasing her and her daughter while unarmed, got involved in a sex scandal with a politician, fought her way out of an underground cave.

For good measure, she’s a mean cook too. I think she and Cordelia Naismith would get along very well.

2. Fighting is the Best Way to Make Friends

I learned this from Nick, the hot-tempered middle brother. There are conditions. One, you have to fight with someone the first time you meet them, thus allowing time to make friends later. Nick does this at least four times in the episodes I’ve watched so far, including the first time he meets his new brother, Heath, and with Pernell Roberts, doing a very bad Irish accent.

3. Good Lawyers Can Get Guilty Clients Freed

Jarrod, the eldest, is the smart one and he’s so smart that twice he’s defended guilty clients and created enough doubt in the minds of a jury to have them believing his client is innocent. On the bad side, both clients were actually murderers and Jarrod had to kill one of them. Maybe the lesson should be that when the whole community thinks someone is guilty, including your brother and the Sheriff, believe them.

4. Illegitimate Younger Sons Must Be Sexy

Heath, played by Lee Majors, is definitely the most purely sexy of the brothers. I think this is why he’s often in situations when his shirt is removed or unbuttoned.

5. Gunshot Wounds to the Head Don’t Cause Long-term Problems.

It’s very interesting what kinds of shots kill people in The Big Valley. Jarrod has been hit in the head twice by bullets that only “creased” the skull. Not much blood loss, either, though Jarrod once did have amnesia for a week or two. The Sheriff was hit the same way and survived with no ill effects. Not much blood loss either.

6. Some Horses are Very Patient.

I say this with no irony. The horses on the show had to be some of the most well-trained animals in Hollywood. They’re often standing around in a scene, being very quiet, or sometimes ridden up cliffs or what looks like treacherous ground or around when the fake guns are being used. Despite the loud noises, they hardly ever flinch. Except when it’s plot-required.

7. Great Theme Music Always Helps

I present the theme song to the Big Valley.

Updated because the good reviews keep rolling in for Phoenix Rising!

1. The Library Journal!!!

“A touch of the X-Men with a smattering of coming-of-age legend, Phoenix Rising certainly keeps the reader’s attention. Lawson effortlessly switches points-of-view, from Alec to Beth and back again…..”The edge-of-your-seat plot keeps the story rolling along

2. A Top Pick! at Night Owl Reviews. 🙂

“Put Phoenix Rising on your keeper shelf, it’s an amazing read. I absolutely loved it, especially the characters.”

3. A nice review over at Whipped Cream Reviews too, though not quite as glowing.

I’m so thrilled the book is being read and enjoyed.


They had some really good questions for me. 🙂 Check out the interview at the Write Angles blog. That’s the conference I’ll be attending as a panelist the third week of October.

Kinda psyched on that one.

I’m pleased and psyched to announce the sales of my novella, Luminous, to Samhain Publishing!

I wrote this novella originally intending to submit it to the Samhain superhero romance anthology. The call for submissions gave me permission to play with any type of superhero story, so I went the urban crimefighter route.

I figured, it’s not like DC was going to give me Batman to write soon, so I might as well try my own version of Gotham City.

The hero is a police lieutenant, Aloysius James, who (I admit) was inspired by James Gordon of Batman: Year One. 

The heroine is Noir, a woman who was turned completely invisible by a mad scientist trying to develop a cure for her monstrous brother. She’s dressed all in black. For comic fans, think of a female version of Cloak from Cloak and Dagger or DC’s The Shade.

Noir turns to Al for help in finding the scientist and the monster.  Al agrees because he needs to rescue a young man taken from a brutal crime scene by the monster. Then they run around the city having adventures, being shot at, and bonding.

I’ll tell you, writing a sex scene where one character is invisible was a challenge but also a lot of fun.

The reason I didn’t submit this to the superhero anthology is that I realized at the end that I could tie it into the world of Phoenix Rising and the only Phoenix Institute books that I have planned. So I sent it instead to my editor at Samhain, the lovely and talented Jennifer Miller, and she offered a contract. It’ll be out in May of next year.

It seems I’m now officially a series writer. YAY!

In other news, I was checking on whether Phoenix Rising was up yet on the Samhain website. I thought it might be too early to be up as a “Coming Soon” because it’s not due until November 8th but there it is!  It’s also up on Amazon, under the Kindle section.

And now I really have to finish the next book in the series. It’s coming along. 🙂

So I’m teaching this course beginning after Labor Day. Why? Mostly because I spent the last year trying to figure out this thing called internet publicity and how it affects book sales and discovered a whole bunch of cool things that I want to share with everyone.

This is the first class and what I want is to make it as interactive as possible so we can tailor what you *love* about the internet to what you want to do to get the word out about your book/blog/life. 🙂

To take the class, all you have to do is click on the “join yahoo group” button at the end. That will bring you to the class loop and it’s on your honor to send the check to the right place. Class begins September 6th (after Labor Day) and concludes October 4th.

So…here’s the official blurb on it!

Workshop: How Screwing Around on the Internet Can Lead to Fame (sort of) and Fortune (Sort of.)

Instructor: Corrina Lawson
Description: With the plethora of social media choices available and seemingly the same amount of information out there how to use social media to best market yourself on the internet, it’s becoming almost impossible to sort them all out.

This course is about how to use what you love best about the internet to your advantage instead of spending countless doing something you don’t enjoy just because “you’re supposed to.”

Bio: Corrina Lawson is former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University. She turned to writing fiction after her twins were born (they were kids three and four) to save her sanity. The twins are eleven now and she’s written eight books, a blend of romance with various genres.

Corrina is currently an editor of GeekMom (www.geekmom.com) and a core contributor to its brother site, Geek Dad on Wired.com (www.wired.com/geekdad). She also writes forSequential Tart, a webzine about comics and pop culture written solely by women. (www.sequentialtart.com) Often you can find her hanging out on comic book writer Gail Simone’s forum on Jinxworld.http://www.606studios.com/bendisboard/forumdisplay.php?38-Gail-Simone

She has been a finalist in the national Golden Heart contest sponsored by the Romance Writers of America and is the winner of several regional RWA contests.

Her novella, Freya’s Gift is currently available from Samhain Publishing. Her next book with Samhain, Phoenix Rising, is due out in November. Her first published book, Dinah of Seneca, an alternate history romance, is currently available from The Wild Rose Press and the sequel, Eagle of Seneca, is due out this winter. The She’s also had an essay published in Chicken Soup for the Soul-Thanks Mom!

Payment Options:
Fee is $15 for CORW members, $20 for all others.
Checks may be made payable to CORW and mailed to:
PO Box 185284
Hamden, CT 06518

There’s no official registration button, you all are just going to have to send in your checks the usual way.

To join the class group:

Click to join CORWSeptember2011

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