My posts for Criminal, including a series on lesser known but great comic stories, why Castle is the new Thin Man, my annoyance with the television show Elementary, why I love Blue Bloods, and why Hill Street Blues is the best cop show ever.

A few odds and ends from my frequent guest-blogging.

First, a television show that I filmed locally with the lovely Zita Christian. It’s called Page One and I talk about books, writing and other fun stuff:

On writing ancient steampunk, which has some relevance to writing Victorian-era steampunk. I’m sort of circling around similar issues.

My Top Five Female Geek Role Models at Long and Short Reviews.

An interview over at Eternal Haunted Summer, a Pagan Songs and Tales Webzine, largely about the world of Freya’s Gift and the alternate history Seneca series.

An interview over at Steve’s Cybrary about my writing.

My release day post for Freya’s Gift at the Samhain Blog.

My release day post for Freya’s Gift over at GeekDad and how the SmartBitchesLoveTrashyBooks website picked up on it.

My first review of Freya’s Gift, over at Eternal Haunted Summer. 🙂

My first review of Dinah of Seneca, courtesy of copperbadge over on livejournal. (Bonus, for those going over there, the blog also has some excellent Dr. Who and Torchwood commentary.)

Interview at the Write Angles Conference blog about my writing.



“Raising Geeky Children” on the Comix Chix podcast. Great fun!

A guest on 3 Chicks Review Comics episode.

The GeekMom podcast: Halloween, Comics & Kids.

Interview with Geeky Jules about books, comics and other stuff.