Selfie! Myself at the top of the Seattle Space Needle

I have much to share about GeekGirlCon but first, I wanted to share a recap of our Smut Panel aka the Sex From the Female Gaze, which consisted of me and my roommates, romance writer Christine Merrill and Sequential Tart Sheena McNeil. Chris did a fun wrap-up on her blog already. My full report will come later, at the GeekGirlCon site.

But in short, we packed the room and had to turn away people. I predict we’ll be back next year with all new smut and more panelists! In the meantime, look below for my reaction when I realized how many people were at our panel. :) (Not really but close.)


Never underestimate the power of a determined friend, in this case, one Jill Purinton.

Not to mention the power of a geeky encounter.

First, I have to announce, I have a new agent, Eric Ruben. I wasn’t looking for new representation but through a chain of events one after the other, which included a geeky conversation, I have one. I’m very pleased, especially as we’ve already bonded over our love of New York Comic Con.

And to make this more fun, this happened during the annual meeting of Romance Writers of America in Anaheim last month. Which meant I got to celebrate with my fabulous roommates and talented writers: Christine Merrill, and Katy Cooper, and the aforementioned determined friend, Jill, pictured above.

Another friend, the lovely Kim Ivora, took us on outings to Anaheim, especially to this great place that served breakfast and gelato! What could be better? And my friend Chandra Years played  walking talking Disney app for me and Chris at DisneyLand.

Back to Jill’s being the most determined friend ever…


It’s not so much a book trailer as it is making fun of book trailers….

And, natch, lots of geeky references…Chris writes some of the best regencies but my favorite book of hers is self-pubbed, featuring a modern-day librarian with the dewey decimal number of “The Right Stuff” tattooed on her ass. Said librarian gets into trouble when she runs into a spy named Bob.