Law & Order has been on so long that I can remember my twins loving the ka-CHUNG noise when they were babies. Sometimes L&O is good, sometimes excellent, and, every now and then, it’s truly awful.

I’m going to miss it like crazy. At least, I’ll miss it when I’m sick of the fifty zillion reruns. 🙂

The Good Wife is only a year old but quickly became one of my favorite shows. It’s the story of a woman trying to rebuild her life while her politician snake of a cheating husband is in jail, appealing his sentence for corruption. The fun of the show is watching Alicia, the title character, seethe until the point where her anger explodes.

Both shows have elements in common. First, there’s Chris Noth, perfectly cast as both the politician husband and the quick-tempered cop on L&O. Both shows are procedurals, meaning they focus on a courtroom drama/crime each episode.

But only one of them managed an great ending to the season and–in the case of L&O–to the entire series.

L&O did it by doing what it does best–focus on realistic cops out to save people, lawyers who find creative ways to bend the law to help the good guys, and a happy ending full of unexpected emotion.

The Good Wife promised something game-changing and then fumbled on the one-foot line.