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When I first started writing fiction as an adult, after years of being a journalist, I started with fan fiction.

One thing led to another, I accidentally created a Mary Sue and then I realized that if I brought the character down to earth, she would be great fun to play with in her own universe.

So Trisha Connell, crime reporter, was born.

Trisha is a crime reporter because it was a profession that I can portray accurately and because it gave her an excuse to get into trouble.

I was inspired a great deal by Robert B. Parker’s Spenser mysteries, so I also wanted to give Trisha a steady boyfriend ala Susan Silverman in the Spenser books.

So Edmund Grayson, security expert, was born.

Except Grayson was a demanding character. I gave him point of view as an experiment one day and it quickly became clear that he was Trisha’s co-star, not a supporting character.

And that’s how I started writing romance.

Their first adventure is called Above the Fold. Strictly speaking, it’s more of a mystery with romantic elements as it’s about half/half of each. The story has  finaled in several regional Romance Writer of America contests, including the Daphnes and the PASIC awards. I’m extremely proud of the second place in the PASIC because I was competing against published authors.

Here’s my tagline:

Trisha wants the story behind the museum murder. Grayson wants to catch the killers. They’re both shocked to discover they also want each other.

Above the Fold: the affair behind the headlines.

My favorite snippet from the book:

“I thought ticking time bombs were a myth.”




The opening of the story is below the cut. (more…)