About Corrina Lawson

Corrina Lawson is a former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University. A mom of four, she now works from home writing romance novels with a geeky twist, as a sci-fi and fantasy blogger for Barnes & Noble, and is a founding editor of GeekMom.com.

Why The Golden Heart Contest Matters & How To Rescue It

Back in 2003, I was a stay-at-home mom, a former journalist with no illusions that I'd ever be able to afford going back to that career, not with four kids who would need daycare. Not possible on a newspaper reporter's salary. so I began to write fiction. At first, it...

Warriors of Seneca: It’s a Story Of Multi-Genres

It’s a story about a woman who wants a home and a family. Plus, you know, Vikings, Romans, explosions, and battles.

Superhero Romance of the Week: Vision and the Scarlet Witch

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch are one of Marvel’s most intriguing superhero couples. Sadly, like many superhero couples, they’ve been apart longer than they were together.

Thursday Teas: The Teas of Winter

Cold New England winters plus dessert tea is a perfect combination.

Carnal Blessing: Vikings, Grief, Love, and Sex

I’m happy to announce the re-publication of my first story, the erotic Viking menage: Carnal Blessing.

Thursday Tea: TARDIS 11

ConnectiCon for my family means geeky teas, cosplay, and being on panels. But I also read a ton of books this months, and reviewed several of them.

Tuesday Tea: Wonder Woman Tea

Wonder Woman tea! It gives you the roar but, of course, has that sweet, compassionate edge.

Tuesday Tea: The Perfect Cup

It was during a private conversation on Slack about how much to spend on a tea infuser that it occurred to me what I believe is simple about brewing tea is not obvious to beginners. So what do you need to brew tea? First, loose tea. Yes, you can choose it by smell or...

New England RWA Conference Special Update

Our “Blogging Isn’t Dead” powerpoint from the NEC Workshop, plus a couple of cute cats. Because…kittehs!