My first published novel, Dinah of Seneca, will be out on July 2, 2010 from the Wild Rose Press.

It’s an alternate history romance with Romans and Vikings in North America. My heroine is Dinah, a former Roman slave trained as a spy and assassin who’s escaped to the North American colony of Seneca to start a new life.

That new life is shattered when Seneca is attacked by the local tribes, the Mahicans. The hero is Gerhard, the chief of a tribe of immigrant Vikings who’ve been decimated by sickness. Until he meets Dinah, Gerhard’s only goal was to have a good death in battle. Once he meets her, he begins to hope for a real future. If they can survive in the middle of a war, that is.

Every time I pitched this book to an agent in person I got the deer in the headlight reaction of “omigod, there’s no way I can sell this.” Wrong continent, wrong time period, wrong type of heroine. But I love the book and was thrilled when The Wild Rose Press offered a contract. They’ve been awesome.

Here’s the cover: