Sale #2

I am pleased to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Samhain Publishing for “Freya’s Gift,” a 24,000 word novella that I wrote as a prequel to Dinah of Seneca.

Freya’s Gift will be released on March 16, 2010.

Samhain needs a blurb post-haste and I’ve been working on that today.

Would you risk the man you love to save your people?


SIF and RAGNOR are the married leaders of a Viking tribe that has settled in the North America. The tribe was thriving until an unexplained sickness killed most of the women. The couple has held the tribe together so far, but both know that their future as leaders and their life together have reached a dangerous crossroads.
Sif realizes that a sexual ritual for the fertility goddess Freya can provide healing but it requires that she give herself to both her husband and another man. If she refuses the ritual, she could lose her tribe. If she accepts, she could lose her husband’s love.

Yes, it’s erotica. For slash fans, there’s a bit of male/male going on here and there. I like to think it’s damn hot. And wet during the climatic ritual, given there’s a natural spring sacred to our goddess involved.

And while it’s erotica, I wrote this story trying to explore how two people could place their personal feelings aside, have faith in the goddess they worship, and trust each other enough to risk their relationship to save what they believe is more important: their people. When I finished the story, it gave me warm fuzzies.

The fertility ritual comes into play in Dinah of Seneca because Dinah’s eventual hero, Gerhard, is the third participant in the ritual.

I hope to have a cover up in a month or so!