It’s actually sorta two sales but while I was offered a contract on the second one, I don’t want to officially announce it yet. (Hint: see Phoenix Rising excerpts.)

So…drum roll….I am happy to announce the sale of Eagle of Seneca, the second book in the alternate history Seneca series, to The Wild Rose Press.

I hesitate to call Eagle a sequel because it features many new characters, a new romance, and swaps the setting from ancient Albany to ancient Manhattan, but it does follow up Dinah of Seneca nicely and features appearances by some of my favorite character. Dinah and Gerhard, of course, but also Roman Commander Tabor. I heart Tabor.

It will be out in 2011, date yet to be determined.

I’ve been working on a blurb, so I’ll give it a try. Feel free to offer suggestions or ask questions if I’m not clear enough. 🙂

Sky of the Wolf Clan of the Lenape was born  the night a great comet crossed the sky. She’s tried to live up to to the destiny prophesied for her but has thus far failed to comprehend what the gods might want. When Ceti, the engineer from the Roman colony of Mannahatta, literally falls at her feet, Sky can’t help but see this as a sign.

Ceti is charged with protecting Mannahatta from an imminent invasion by an Imperial Fleet sent to bring the breakaway colony back under the Emperor’s control. Knowing time is short, he decides to test his aquila, a glider that he’s been working on for years, which he sees as the key to victory. The test flight goes well until he crashes into a tree and lands at the feet of the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Sky shares Ceti’s urge to make the impossible into reality. Creating a flying machine will be easy compared to forging their two peoples into a force that can save Mannahatta and the Lenape tribes from the wrath of the Imperial Fleet.