So I downloaded some new songs and burned them to a disk for working out.

I just realized that they’re all inspirational songs of one sort or another. Huh. My subconscious is smart.

The songs:
“Raise Your Glass,” Pink.
“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” –Pat Benetar
“Runaway Train”–Soul Asylum
“A Change is Gonna Come,” Aretha Franklin version
“Walk of LIfe”–Dire Straits
“Ooo..Child”–The Five Stairsteps
“Don’t Stop Believin'”–Journey
“Need You Now”–the much awarded Lady Antebellum
“I Hope You Dance”–Lee Ann Womack
“Bitch”–Meredith Brooks

Well, that woke me up this morning. Off to finish the steampunk story.

And I wonder what kind of music would come from a steampunk Victorian universe.

For your enjoyment, Pink: