I’m pleased and psyched to announce the sales of my novella, Luminous, to Samhain Publishing!

I wrote this novella originally intending to submit it to the Samhain superhero romance anthology. The call for submissions gave me permission to play with any type of superhero story, so I went the urban crimefighter route.

I figured, it’s not like DC was going to give me Batman to write soon, so I might as well try my own version of Gotham City.

The hero is a police lieutenant, Aloysius James, who (I admit) was inspired by James Gordon of Batman: Year One. 

The heroine is Noir, a woman who was turned completely invisible by a mad scientist trying to develop a cure for her monstrous brother. She’s dressed all in black. For comic fans, think of a female version of Cloak from Cloak and Dagger or DC’s The Shade.

Noir turns to Al for help in finding the scientist and the monster.  Al agrees because he needs to rescue a young man taken from a brutal crime scene by the monster. Then they run around the city having adventures, being shot at, and bonding.

I’ll tell you, writing a sex scene where one character is invisible was a challenge but also a lot of fun.

The reason I didn’t submit this to the superhero anthology is that I realized at the end that I could tie it into the world of Phoenix Rising and the only Phoenix Institute books that I have planned. So I sent it instead to my editor at Samhain, the lovely and talented Jennifer Miller, and she offered a contract. It’ll be out in May of next year.

It seems I’m now officially a series writer. YAY!

In other news, I was checking on whether Phoenix Rising was up yet on the Samhain website. I thought it might be too early to be up as a “Coming Soon” because it’s not due until November 8th but there it is!  It’s also up on Amazon, under the Kindle section.

And now I really have to finish the next book in the series. It’s coming along. 🙂