The blurb and tagline elves at Samhain Publishing have been busy and sent me this on Wednesday

I should mention that while it’s book two, it does feature two completely new characters and the Phoenix Institute doesn’t even play into the story until the very end. But the second story featuring Al and Noir will have some familiar guest-stars and the third book, Phoenix Legacy, will have the entire cast of Phoenix Rising back. (No release date on that, I’m being hopeful that my editor will like the manuscript I sent. 🙂

In the meantime, Eagle of Seneca will be coming out in January. While Dinah of Seneca delved a little bit into the ancient steampunk side of the equation, it was mostly alternate history. Eagle’s main character is Ceti, a Roman engineer, obsessed with building a flying machine. So there are lots more cool Roman gadgets. It also brings in the Native American tribes in a big way, as the other main character is Sky, a Lenape leader looking for a way to preserve her people in the face of a Roman invasion.

So, Luminous….

He thinks he’s seen everything…until he encounters a woman he can’t see at all.


As a teen, Lucy left home to gain the independence to pursue her dreams. When a renegade scientist captured and used her as a guinea pig, she escaped, but not unscathed. Rendered permanently invisible and with little memory of her previous life, she has transformed herself into Noir, a rogue crime fighter with one goal: find and stop her tormentor from harming anyone else.

Police Lieutenant Aloysius James thought he’d seen it all in the crumbling and corrupt Charlton City, but a brutal bank robbery committed by a monster has left him feeling he’s out of his depth. One man is missing from the scene and if he isn’t found soon, Al fears he’ll be as dead as the rest.

Al is unprepared for the one woman with the key to solving the case—Noir, who seems equally surprised he doesn’t find her unique ability repulsive.

Together they go out into the night, joining forces to track the monster down. They never expected their desperate alliance would generate a force of a different kind. Attraction…and desire.

Warning: This book contains sex without sight, requiring the characters to do everything—yes, everything—by touch alone.