The other thing that kept me busy while the contest was running was a trip to New York Comic Con where I was part of a panel on Geek Parenting.

We talked about the upcoming Geek Mom: Projects, Tips & Adventures for Moms and Their 21st ┬áCentury Families. It’s due out on October 30th and I’m so proud of the book and my co-authors!

Coming October 30th!!!

I also decided to multi-task, which made things a little bit hectic. Took the three younger kids–17, 13, and 13–with me and I also tried to do some press events, like one for Person of Interest. Fun to talk with Amy Acker & Michael Emerson.

So, Minion stories:

Day 1

Day 2

The whole time was loads of fun but exhausting. I think the favorite part for the kids was artist alley and they came away with some great commissions, as you can see from the articles.