Ah, c’mon. Even if you don’t have a dirty mind, I promise there’s even something a little bit sentimental about this story, as the title is meant to be ironic. To prove my comics aren’t always duty, check out my action-adventure tale featuring a little girl and a stuffed bunny named Twitches.

It features Trisha & Grayson, the leads of my unpublished (but hopefully not for long) romantic suspense.

A cut after the first page because, yes, nudity, and, yes, x-rated. Apologies, as my scanner isn’t perfect and I don’t have the original files.

Erotic comic short,  art by Beto Nicacio, letters by Erica J. Heflin

Story by me, art by Beto Nicacio, letters by Erica J. Heflin

x-rated comic short by Corrina Lawson

Page #2

erotic comic short, booty call 3, written by Corrina Lawson

erotic comic short, x-rated, written by Corrina Lawson

page 4

booty call 5 001

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