Tea Guys Loose blend tea

Tea Guys’ loose tea blend with caramel and dark chocolate flavors. Image via Tea Guys

I believe tea is perfect for every time of the year but there’s something about winter in New England that makes it perfect for tea, particularly black teas, and even more, dessert teas like the ones I can find locally through Tea Guys.

Why dessert teas? Because they give me a touch of the flavors that I still crave but in such small quantity that the calorie content is practically nil. (My waistline wishes this would stop me from eating chocolate altogether but it will take more than tea, even awesome tea, to do that.)

Though I’ve yet to visit their store, I’ve been able to find their tea bags through my local Big Y supermarket, albeit not in enough variety as I’d like. I do like their Earl Gray, their Cinnamon Ginger and Vanilla Bean Chai, and the basic Ceylon Orange Pekoe. The flavors are strong enough for two uses of the tea bag or one big monster mug.

Tea Guys tea bags

This flavor, for instance, is not on my local shelf. BOO! Image via Tea Guys

As soon as the nor’easters stop hitting us, I’m going to have to plan a road trip so I can smell all their loose tea blends and decide which new flavors to try, especially as some are seasonal.

Also, I just might be able stock up on some of their newfangled sparkling tea for the summer too. If it ever gets here. 🙂

Tea Guys Sparkling Tea

Tea with bubbles. Image via Tea Guys.