Above the Fold by Corrina Lawson

A new element of my writing: Mystery with a side of romance.

In 1980s New York City, a crime reporter with little to lose risks the only thing that matters to uncover the truth….

Trisha Connell’s journalism reflects her punk rock lifestyle: relentless, confrontational, and bitingly honest. It’s a style that scores front-page headlines but has her forever teetering on the verge of victory or disaster. Now one crime will forever change Trisha’s life.

As she charges into the story of a sensational theft at an art museum, she discovers a murdered guard is someone she knew, a former foster kid who was adopted and supposed to be living a good life. To make it worse, the guard is suspected to be one of the thieves.

Determined to uncover the truth, Trisha bulls her way into the story, risking her life and career on what could be the story of the decade, if her editor doesn’t fire her first. She finds an ally in Edmund Grayson, a security expert assigned to the museum, who’s driven by his own guilt in failing to stop the murder.

Chasing the story will take Trisha from the punk clubs to the high society to the inner workings of newspapers of New York in the 1980s. It will take all her street skills to survive.


I’m pleased to announce that all of my past stories are available again for readers!

This includes all six books in the Phoenix Institute series, with some revisions and brand new covers; revised and updated editions, again with new covers of the three books in the alternate history Seneca series; and The Curse of the Brimstone Contract, and A Hanging at Lotus Hall, the first 2 books in the Steampunk Detectives series.

It also includes Love’s Inferno, an erotic standalone romance.

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