The Seneca Series

In an alternate Ancient North America, Romans, Vikings, and Native Americans exist in an uneasy peace that continually threatens to erupt into war.

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Saving her people could mean losing her man.

A sickness has swept through Ragnar and Sif’s Viking tribe and their survival now depends on renewal and rebirth. A fertility ritual demanded by the goddess Freya promises to provide Sif with children. The catch: it requires letting another warrior, Gerhard, into Sif’s and Ragnar’s marriage bed.

Can Sif’s and Ragnar’s love survive such a sacrifice and bring healing to their people?

Note: This is a revised version of a story previously published electronically as Freya’s Gift.


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In a world where the Roman Empire thrived long enough to colonize North America lives a woman possessed of unyielding determination

All Dinah wants is a family.

She was sold as a child and trained in the arts of espionage and assassination by her Roman master. But after years of being a weapon, she finally escaped across the Atlantic Ocean to a new world, hoping to build a more peaceful life. Yet even there Dinah will need all the skills and wit she possesses, for her dreams are about to be shattered by war…

Gerhard is the reluctant chief of a Viking tribe devastated by sickness. An alliance with the Mahican tribes against the Romans seems the way to preserve his people until he encounters Dinah, who comes bearing a sign from the Norse Goddess he worships…

As the world around them crumbles, Dinah and Gerhard must find the strength to bind themselves and their people together and forge a way to peace for all, or be crushed underneath the rubble.

Note: This is a revised and updated edition of a novel originally published as Dinah of Seneca.

Eagle of Seneca –  Get it at Amazon or other ebookstores.

In a North America where the Roman Empire survived until 900 A.D., the independent colony of Manhatos and the Lenape tribes struggle to survive…

Ceti, Manhatos’ chief engineer, built a hang-glider to prove that man could fly. On his first test flight, he soars high but crash lands into a tree near a Lenape settlement. Sky, heir to the Wolf Clan of the Lenape tribe, is fascinated by the man who literally falls at her feet. She views his arrival as a sign from the gods to forge a lasting peace between Manhatos and her people.

Ceti is instantly infatuated by the woman who understands his craving to fly. Sky comes to love the man who believes all things are possible.

The arrival of an Imperial fleet bent on reclaiming the breakaway Roman colony gives Ceti and Sky a common enemy. But can their love be enough to save their people?

Note: This is a revised and updated version of a novel originally published in 2011.