The publication date of my first published fiction work–yes, I like saying that–is closing fast.

As part of the countdown to March 16, I plan on posting a snippet each week until it’s out.

I decided on snippets because I think they whet the appetite for the story just as much as a chapter and they are far less intimidating.


Ragnor’s face did not change expression as he saw her. He set the axe down carefully against the side of the longhouse. “Sif. You wake early today.”

“I am feeling better.” Sif almost reached out to lay her hand on his chest. He smelled so sweet, so musky, so much like he did after lovemaking. She still found him irresistible. But she’d always known he’d welcome her attention before.

“Good.” Ragnor nodded.

Behind Ragnor, men carrying spears, bows and arrows gathered in the square.

“A hunting party?” she asked.

“It will do the men good.”

Meaning that it would be something to occupy him. “Yes, it will.” Her tongue nearly caught in her throat.

He set his hand on her hip. “Sif.”

“Ragnor.” She felt her face flush and fought the urge to fall at his feet and beg for him to touch her further.

A chief’s wife does not beg.