Born under a comet, Sky of the Lenape Wolf Clan tries

to live up to the destiny prophesied for her, but so far
she can’t understand what the gods want. When Ceti,
an engineer from the Roman colony of Mannahatta, literally
falls at her feet, Sky sees this as a sign and claims him.


Ceti is charged with protecting Mannahatta from an invasion.
The Emperor has sent his Imperial Fleet to bring the breakaway
colony back under his control, and Ceti sees a new test glider
as the key to victory—until it crashes and forever changes his fate.

Love may be enough for Ceti and Sky to overcome their personal
differences. But forging their two peoples into a force to fight
the Imperial Fleet means risking all, including their hearts.
Will it be enough?

Now available at The Wild Rose Press in print or as an ebook or at Amazon.

Woot!!! 🙂

I’ll be doing a giveaway next week in a few different places but I can’t let the release day go by without thanking Toni Andrews, Kristan Higgins and Dee Clancy, who helped me plot the book out one busy weekend.

And especially to Kristin for making me a t-shirt that says “And so Princess Fiery Wo-Ha lead her people to the Sacred Woo-Woo, thus saving their pathetic lives.”

Even if I did change the plot a little bit from that.

I couldn’t resist putting in a warrior using a glider to divebombing a battleship while tossing hand grenades instead.

And as the above sentence implies, there’s definitely an ancient steampunk feel to this book that makes it different than the first Seneca story.