PhoenixInheritance72lgWe’re up to book 4.

Wow. Part of me is pumping my fist and thinking “hells, yeah!” especially with the recent SF Romance Galaxy Award for the Phoenix Institute series. The other part of me is just grateful: for my editor, for my readers, for my friends and family who’ve supported me through my writing career.

This book is different. Well, they’re all different. But there’s a great deal of personal blood and sweat in the pages of this one.

By that, I don’t mean the book drove me crazy or was hard to write. I mean that this one hit home hard.

Usually, I can keep my writing separate from my personal life. My writing is all the fun stuff I read about that I want to write about and I have a glorious time doing it.

Phoenix Inheritance, however, is my first book with a kids, dogs and a cat. Like me.

Have I gone sentimental? Yes but for  a good reason. We were going through stuff at my house that’s reflected in the issues Renee and her son autistic son Charlie are having in the story.  A more elaborate explanation is over in my post on Superheroes and Mental Illness at TheMarySue or at SF Signal in my post in Special Needs in Strange Worlds.

Don’t worry, however: things still blow up in this book and there’s still sexy times, though of the more human variety, since neither Renee or Daz Montoya, the hero, have superpowers. They’re still heroes, however, and I wrote about how Daz came to be my series’ version of Batman over at EverydayFangirl.

I hope you all enjoy Phoenix Inheritance and come to love these people as much as I did. In the meantime, I’m also running a Goodreads contest to win a print copy of Ghost Phoenix, Book 3. And I’ll be along later with some excepts and other goodies, like the hidden Easter eggs in my books.

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Final author’s note: As always, I write my books so they can be read as stand alone novels. That’s because I’m one of those readers who will pick up any book in a series and read it and I wanted my series to be accessible for people like me.