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phoenix inheritance by Corrina Lawson

phoenix inheritance

by Corrina Lawson

Giveaway ends July 03, 2015.

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Still wondering whether to enter? Here are some reviews to help you decide: Romantic Times gives Phoenix Inheritance 4 stars: Lawson’s newest addition to the Phoenix Institute series is sentimental, exciting and also spotlights Charlie, an autistic boy who steals the show at times. Fans of the paranormal will be wowed right out of their seats, and those who love romance won’t feel left out either, thanks to the passionate sex scenes, which are tastefully done. The several twists and turns keep readers engaged in the suspenseful plot. An all-around great book! –   From Just Talking Books: I really enjoyed reading Phoenix Inheritance and even though I hadn’t read the previous books in this series, I found it very easy to follow which is a true test of the author’s story telling abilities. This is a paranormal story so expect telepathy and telekinesis to feature heavily as gifted humans appear, but it’s also a story of two people finding the courage to take a chance because it’s not always easy putting your heart on the line. This was a sensual romance that didn’t feel rushed or forced and the background information to the couple’s first encounters really helped pull me in. What really surprised me was the concept of making their son Charlie autistic.   I found it quite poignant that both parents had a very different approach to their son’s behaviour. Renee is a woman fighting for support for her son, whilst for a lot of the story Dax is a man in denial and that felt very realistic. I’m sure it’s terribly difficult for parents to accept any difference in their child and ignorance and prejudice is an awful thing. Luckily, as the story progressed, Dax grew in my estimation (trust me he had a lot to make up for!) and realised autism is not something to run from but just a part of his son’s makeup. Charlie’s autism is, quite simply, just a part of who he is and all differences should be embraced!


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The Curse of the Brimstone Contract by Corrina Lawson


The Curse of the Brimstone Contract


by Corrina Lawson


Giveaway ends July 01, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.


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From What at first seems like a fun, magic infused mystery, turned out to be quite a bit more. Joan is seemingly bound by not only her social status, but also her family obligations, and not only does magic mean a way out, it helps to gives her the courage to assert herself and take control of her destiny. There is a bit of light romance, but this is Joan’s journey, and the steampunk-tinged setting of Victorian London (and the clothes, oh, the clothes!) is icing on the cake.

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!: This is a fun introduction to what promises to be a very entertaining steampunk series featuring atypical main characters. I greatly enjoyed the focus on different cultures as it contrasts with the challenge of dealing with a society that is stratified by magic. This gives a very different view of historical England as it deals with both the complications and progress made as industrialization progresses plus the struggle to gain equality for women.

4 and 4 1/2 Star Reviews on For The Curse of the Brimstone Contract:

“illustrates the author’s wondrous facility at creating a compelling and imaginative story.”

“Joan is a strong heroine and Sherringford is a man of mystery. The plot sucks you in deeply and quickly. Be prepared to read the book in one sitting!”

“Lawson has managed to incorporate both genres into a multi-layered world uniquely her own. After the midpoint I couldn’t put it down.”

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