Wonder Woman Spin Mug

Yep, it’s time to take on the world!

What would Wonder Woman tea be like?

It must have bite but it also has to have a sweet, compassionate undertone.

The new Lightly Sweet Chai Latte by Starbucks is perfect for Wonder Woman tea.

It’s the kind of tea that makes you stand up and pay attention, the kind of tea that makes you believe you have a perfect right to walk into that males-only room and not feel the least bit embarrassed, the kind of tea that wakes you up to see the world and see the injustice, and the kind that gives you enough caffeine to fight that battle, in whatever way you can.

But this latte also has that sweet undertone, the kind that signals that, hey, ice cream is wonderful and babies are awesome, and Charlie singing is grand, and that sometimes there are some pretty damn nice people in the world.

Another option: of course (OF COURSE), Adagio Teas has a special Wonder Woman blend.

It’s created by a user called Clover and contains Irish breakfast, vanilla, blueberry, and cinnamon, plus a high level of caffeine. That’s perfect too because it speaks of mysticism and sweetness, and compassion and provides the energy to fight the world’s injustices, even if you have to cross No Man’s Land. (And I could have a whole essay of what an obvious and yet absolutely fantastic metaphor that is.)

Naturally, you drink WW tea in a WW mug. Yes, I have several. Of course I do.

Fortified by tea this week, if not the WW blend that I must order, post-haste, I have been busy. There is this Wonder Woman movie essay at the B&N Science Fiction/Fantasy blog, two book reviews at CriminalElement.com, and assorted musings over at GeekMom.com, including a cynical essay wondering if Wonder Woman will finally be the successful movie that changes Hollywood, a ride on the Six Flags New England Joker Coaster, and a review of the Wonder Woman animated film.

Also, I’m working on a sorta secret project that I won’t talk about publicly for fear I might jinx it.

And this happened. My twins turned 18. WHAT??? Yes, they did.

May they have all the strength of Diana of Themyscira, as they go out as adults into the world.